I just have one word Asa (Asha)

Another very important part of my life is music (shocking ehn!). To say I love music is such an understatement its not even funny.

good music is the language of life, it cuts across race, religion, ethnicity, bias, revealing our true nature, our emotional pitiful selves, good music is beautiful.


So a friend of mine went home over the Christmas and brought back probably one of the most amazing music cds I have listened to in a while. The artist is called Asa. All I can say is Macy Gray meet Norah Jones with a Nigerian origin. Well, Asa is born to Nigerian parents and she was born in France. Her stay in France was short lived (but not for too long) as her parents returned home when she was just under 3 years of age. Raised in Lagos, she picked up inspiration from the likes of “Marvin Gaye, Fela Kuti, Bob Marley, Aretha Franklin, Sunny Ade, Ebenezer Obey and Lagbaja”. At one point she tried to join the choir in her church but they refused her partly because of her slightly harsh, coarse voice (By the way, my choir did not allow me to sing with them either, so maybe this is a sign).

At 18 she was a student in the Nigerian university system. If you are not familiar with this system, it was(is) packed with strikes, school closings due to the unstable political situation in the country. But determined to do something about her dreams and aspirations, she enrolled secretly in the Peter King’s School of Music and learned how to play the guitar in 6 months (oh my God there is really hope for me. Anyway enough about me). She met her manager in 2004 who in turn introduced her to Cobhams Emmanuel Asuquo who became her music partner. Asa has had her bit of struggles in life but with her popularity ever increasing, I believe she will definitely make history as one of our greats.

So you may be asking at this point, where can I listen to her music, right? Well, she has a website where you can listen to all the songs in her cd. Simply go to her website link below and click on the “Album” menu. On some days, I just drive (with no destination in mind) and just listen to her music.

Link to Asa’s website www.asa-official.com