Welcome to the food category.

Some of you may not know this about me but one of my big hobbies is cooking. And I am not talking of plain cooking but cooking good, authentic Nigerian/African cuisines. I may open a restaurant someday but for now this will be my outlet. Cooking for me is an art form and to fully enjoy cooking, you have to treat it that way and not as a means to an end or a job (yes I said it…). I realize that every once in a while, one of my friends asks me how do I prepare this or do that. So I decided to have this section of the website just for that reason and also, because I would like to document the large, diverse and tantalizing cuisines Nigeria and even Africa has to offer. So lets do it…

PS: Because I mostly consider cooking an art form, my recipes do not have cooking times attached to them. If you can cook most of my dishes in under 15 minute, awesome. I am very very happy for you.

Also if there is something that you think would be interesting for me to make , you can ask me using the form below (and such requests should only be asked on this page, pretty please).